Highways, Transportation & Waste~ Operational Impact Warning

Highways, Transportation & Waste

**Operational Impact Warning**

Date: Tuesday 7th August 2018

Time: 14.51


Warnings Issued: 


Thunderstorms may develop this afternoon and evening, lasting overnight into early Wednesday. Where these occur, they may lead to surface water flooding, difficult driving conditions, disruption to transport, as well as impacts from lightning, hail and gusty winds. High temperatures are also expected to continue today before conditions turn cooler on Wednesday.


Warnings Issued:

 Yellow THUNDERSTORM Warning (Very Low Likelihood of Medium Impacts) valid 1600 on Tuesday 7th August 2018 to 0300 on Wednesday

8th August 2018.


Another hot day with temperatures potentially a degree or so up on yesterday, so perhaps 33-34°C likely, especially in Kent and East Sussex. Thunderstorms are likely to start breaking out during the mid- to late- afternoon. As is often the case with this kind of weather, many places will remain unaffected and it is not yet possible to say exactly where thunderstorms will occur but where they do we could see as much as 20-30 millimetres of rain falling in an hour, leading to surface water flooding, difficult driving conditions and disruption to transport. Frequent lightning, large hail and gusty winds may also be additional hazards, leading to interruptions to power supplies and telecommunications services as well as damage to trees and vulnerable structures.

In line with Public Health England’s Heatwave Plan for England, a Level-3 Heat Health Watch Alert indicating a 90% probability of heatwave conditions remains in force until 0900 on Wednesday morning.

Further Ahead:

Once any thunderstorms have cleared away eastwards during the early hours of Wednesday, it will feel fresher though still warm through the day with long sunny spells. Most places will be dry although an isolated late shower cannot be ruled out. Sunshine and showers are likely for the rest of the week and into the weekend. It will also turn quite windy, especially on Saturday when some longer spells of rain are possible. Temperatures will ease to near average for the time of year by the weekend.


KCC HT&W have made arrangements for an additional tanker to be placed on stand-by at Ashford depot. Out of hours staff will be on duty as normal